Frequently Asked Questions

I field a lot of inquiries from people who are curious about what a photography session with me involves. Many are used to setting up a session time over a photographer's website, talking with them for the first time at the shoot, and never seeing the photographer again, instead only receiving a link to a downloadable gallery of images to do with as they please. I do things a bit differently, and I'd love to answer some questions so you have an idea of what to expect from your custom portrait experience!


What can i expect from a session with you? 

When you decide to book me for a portrait session (or even if you are considering one, and would like to chat about it), you have the option of meeting with me in person over coffee, speaking with me over the phone, or if you are truly busy, we can chat over email. We talk about what you would like to end up with after the session - wall art for a certain spot in your home, albums, folios, gift prints - discuss your session location, brainstorm wardrobe options (I can help you put outfits together!), and if you decide to choose me as your photographer, we can confirm the session right there. From that point till the session, I am available to talk with you about little details you may want to include to make your session absolutely perfect.

After the photo session, I will contact you as soon as I complete editing the final images. We will meet up (for coffee, or I can come to your house) and you will be able to watch your pictures incorporated into a beautiful slideshow set to music. You can view each individually, select your favorites, and even see what they would look like on the walls of your home using custom software. We can review packages, select your products, and I will place the order that night to ensure that your artwork will be displayed in your home as soon as possible. I will happily help you choose framing options if needed, and can mount your artwork onto your walls as part of my service to you.


do you sell digitals?

In short - absolutely, and in various formats. They are offered as packages, a'la carte, included with some products, and in different resolutions depending on your needs. When we meet for a consultation, we will discuss exactly what you want and need out of your photo session, and digital images are only one option out of several products that I offer to my clients. Many choose to purchase prints along with social media files.



Why are you focusing on print products in this day and age?

I'm sure most people are constantly bombarded with snapshots on social media. To many, retouching is tossing a cell phone shot into an app that will blur ten years off your face (I mean, you may be missing your eyebrows, but those wrinkles are gone!), and sticking an Instagram filter on it to make it "artsy." I think there's even apps now that will allow you to print your (low quality) Facebook pictures into albums. For snapshots, these are decent, fun options, but let's be real - they will likely last a few years before disintegrating. 

In addition to my photography, part of what qualifies me as a fine art photographer is my proficiency in retouching. I strive to achieve true, rich colors in my work, and tastefully retouch skin to ensure you look your true best. Another aspect of being a fine art photographer is providing you with an incredible, high quality piece of artwork that is archival and will preserve your memories in a beautiful way for generations. I am so passionate about putting artwork onto walls. I still remember when I was a kid, decades ago now, looking at the family pictures on my grandmother's walls, and particularly loving an old picture taken at a reputable studio of her and her sister in their youth. I still have that photo, framed in my bedroom, in perfect condition even though it was printed ages ago, and I smile every time I see it. I look at it to compare her features to my daughter, and to grin at my acerbic aunt's smirk. My mother took a cell phone shot of my print to post to social media - can you guess which one I look at more? Once the "like" frenzy dies down, the picture is no longer around until you happen upon it in the future.

If you are investing in your family's memories, keep them. Have them printed. Display them. Preserve them where they will maintain their colors and quality well into the future, and where they will be appreciated on a daily basis.