A few weeks ago, a session I have been dreaming of for a long time (years, even!) FINALLY took place! One of my dearest friends (in fact, the first friend I made when I moved to Summerville, SC) and I have talked about her daughter’s senior pictures for years, and as her junior prom at the SC Aquarium (How cool is that??) approached, they did it up in true Southern elegance. Megan was pampered, attired in one of the most stunning prom gowns I have ever seen, and was ready to shine!

I absolutely LOVE Megan’s personality! She is genuine, natural and fun, and all of this came through in her images (I’m sure her mom, who came along for the full experience, would agree you can see a bit of her sass as well, haha!). It was a lovely, if windy, spring afternoon at Waterfront Park in Downtown Charleston, and even though we were closer to noon than sunset, her images are backlit and beautiful! Girl looked fierce!

High school juniors and seniors are some of my most favorite subjects to shoot, because they’re fun, fearless, and maybe it’s just me, but I love how they flow into posing while still looking natural and confident - Megan, her entourage and I had loads of fun, and I hope to meet with her again in the coming months for a bit of a styled session.... wait, what styled session?

I am currently in the process of designing a Senior Rep program for the Class of 2017, which will offer freebies and incentives to the girls who want to model and rep for me, and will involve a styled session photoshoot that will be AMAZING!  Please follow my page (opt to get notifications, I promise you won’t be spammed!) and stay connected if you (or a friend) might be interested as I work out the details and get everything set up! I'm also in the process of checking out hair and makeup artists, so hit me up if you are interested in a collaboration!